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Padjadjaran University Choir • Nada Diraya: Melodies of Courage | Blog

Nada Diraya: Melodies of Courage

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[unpadchoir.com, 25/3/19] Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) opened the year by showing the potential of its singers at the first Vocal Recital concert in 2019, Nada Diraya (21/3) at RSG Unpad Dipatiukur, Building 2. Audience cheers were heard when Farah Azka Gazali opened the first Vocal Recital concert in 2019 with the song Gita Malam by Badjuri.

The title of 'Nada Diraya' this time is different from the usual headlines, because it doesn't use foreign languages ​​in its writing. Muhammad Hilmy Mubarrok, as the Project Officer explained the meaning of this editorial. "This title doesn't use foreign languages ​​because we are looking for something different. Nada Diraya is derived from Sanskerta which means tones or melodies of courage,” he said.

Hilmy also revealed the meaning of this title. "Courage tones were interpreted as a young generation of Unpad Choir who dared to sing beautiful tones on the stage and convey them to the audience well. This title also represents the majority of solo singers and ensembles who have been singing for the first time on the Vocal Recital stage. "

Just like the previous recitals, this time it was divided into 2 sessions, each of which was held by eleven solo singers and one ensemble. The singers have the opportunity to be creative in their respective performances, such as using property and expressions in accordance with the song being sung.

Juanita, one of the audiences Nada Diraya claimed she was fascinated by the performance of the singers. "It's really cool, I didn't think there were many who were good at classical solo and group singing, the pianists were very good at it too." Juanita also commented on the performances of each solo singer and ensemble. "All the performances are really good! Overall, all soloists and groups are really cool," she added.

The ensemble who sang at the concert this time was Té cudu la, from the  Unpad Choir 2015  and the Quatriéme Harmonie from Unpad Choir 2016. Both of them performed ensemble songs that were performed nicely.

(Clara Vennia)
Translator: Clara Vennia




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