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Lively Ramadhan Sharing

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Padjadjaran University Choir (Unpad Choir) filled the holy month of Ramadan with social service activities (24/5) at the Bina Umat Orphanage, Rancaekek. The organizers and children of the orphanage warmly welcomed the arrival of Unpad Choir. Various activities and games complement the cheerful atmosphere there as well. Happiness when breaking the fast together and the solemnity of tarawih prayer deliver blessings in this holy month.
Mr. Deni as the secretary of the foundation became the representative to deliver a speech at the occasion. He explained, “Alhamdulillah, this orphanage has existed for twenty years. It is a pride Unpad Choir is able to pay a visit here and show concern for the orphans. I wish that Unpad Choir will be more successful and next year can hold social service event to this orphanage again. Hopefully the children here may be motivated to pursue education and reach their dreams.”


This activity likewise became memorable for Dyah Fazriya as project officer of the social service event.  “This the first time I took part in doing social service to an orphanage. Let alone becoming a project officer. Alhamdullilah, this event could run smoothly, albeit experiencing a bit of a problem before the execution. It was incredibly lovely seeing children who were so enthusiastic towards participating in this series of events. May what we have given turned into blessings and ended up being fruitful,” she said.
Annisa, 13 years old, is one of the children at the orphanage who also expressed her exhilaration after she saw members of Unpad Choir showcasing their performance. “Iiihh... so wonderful, the voices are mellifluous. How is it that the voice is that good. When I saw members of Unpad Choir, I really want to go to college. The activities are fun too, especially during these games; guess the movement and pop quiz.”

In addition, Galuh as the leader of Unpad Choir conveyed her gratitude for the execution of this event. She stated lest not only to Unpad Choir, by Unpad Choir, and for Unpad Choir, but also Unpad Choir does share to others. The more we give, the more our earnings are going to be multiplied. “Alhamdulillah, it is such a pleasure Unpad Choir is able to hold this event. Furthermore, it is on the month of Ramadan, granting us to even added favours. Insya Allah, if Unpad Choir gain extra fortune, we can share a lot again.” Lastly, she closed her statement with a quote, “When we make an event that makes other people happy, it will make us happier.” (RS)
(Rahma Salsabillah)
Translator: Connie Marcella




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