A Good Ending Opens the Way of Struggle for Successors: Padjadjaran University Choir Great Conference 2023

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[unpadchoir.com Bandung,18/1/2023] After a long journey, the final agenda to close the management of the Padjadjaran University Choir which is held routinely in each period is the Great Conference. The activity, which was held from Friday to Sunday on 6-8 January 2023, aims to present management accountability reports for one year of the management of the Progressio Cabinet to all Unpad Choir elements. Arvin Zeinullah as the Unpad Choir’s main trainer, Unpad Choir Alumni, Technical Team, and active members were also present to participate in the Great Conference which this year was held in a hybrid meeting system at Unpad Dipatiukur and Zoom Meeting.

The series of the Unpad Choir Great Conference 2023 was opened with the Accountability Report on the Management of the Progressio Cabinet. Starting with a presentation from Birgitta Fortune as head of Unpad Choir of the Progressio Cabinet, along with her Vice Tsabita Nur Zhahira, followed by each division manager to explain the achievements of the work programs that have been implemented.

“We’re very grateful that finally one year of journey with Progressio in 2022 has been completed. If you describe it, Progressio Cabinet is like a group of people who are struggling to ‘wake up and get up’. Wake up from rest during the pandemic and rise again to excel and exist in the choir world. Ups and downs, joys and sorrows, all experienced during the learning process in 2022. Hopefully one year with Progressio can equip the successors to the board to go even further in the future. For the 2023 management, there will definitely be challenges in the future. Continue to be armed with optimism and fighting spirit so that long-term goals can be achieved no matter how tiring the journey is. Congratulations on welcoming 2023 and success for the next successors!” said Birgitta Fortune as the President of the Unpad Choir Progressio Cabinet. Tsabita Nur Zhahira as the Vice President also added “Thank God, the Progressio has been running for a whole year, it’s not a short time for us to return to normal activities just like before the pandemic. Of course, one year of our management has not been without mistakes, but praise thank goodness all elements in Unpad Choir can move together and try their best. For the next cabinet, we have great hopes for friends. Hopefully what we all tried to do yesterday can be continued and can even be done even better. Enthusiasm! ”

The whole report process of management’s responsibilities in the Great Conference went on smoothly with active discussion from the participants who provided constructive evaluations, suggestions and input. During the series, the Unpad Choir’s Technical Team provided an accountability report for 2022. After his success in leading the Unpad Choir and with the receipt of the Progressio Cabinet work program accountability report, the management of the Unpad Choir 2022 Progressio Cabinet has been officially completed. 

The Great Conference activity was continued with the election of the next President of Unpad Choir for the year 2023. There were two candidates for the Unpad Choir’s chairperson, including the first candidate was Ratu Zahranie (Sopran 2, Batch 2020) from the Faculty of Nursing and the second candidate was Ida Bagus Putu Rama Praditya Dirgantara (Bass 1, Batch 2020) from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

The flow of election of the President of Unpad Choir begins with campaign presentations, an open question and answer session with the candidates, and discussions to reach consensus agreement. After a long discussion, it was settled that the next President of Unpad Choir for the year 2023 will be Ratu Zahranie who brought her cabinet with her namely Samahita Cabinet. Samahita which in Sanskrit means intelligence, wisdom, staying strong, having great precision which refers to harmonious musical expressions. It is hoped that this year’s management each individual will have great intelligence and thoroughness, which will be able to help build Unpad Choir in the future and be able to face all situations steadfastly and wisely.

“Alhamdulillah, I was entrusted with being the leader of the Unpad Choir management for this period. At first I was surprised by the results, wow, it turns out that people put their trust in me, so that means I also have a responsibility towards that trust. I am also grateful because this opportunity can be a place of learning and a source of knowledge for me and everyone during one year of management in the 2023 period ahead. The hope is that Unpad Choir can become even better through improvements from past mistakes. Can excel at national and international levels, and be able to bring the good name of the alma mater.” said Ratu Zahranie.

The series of Unpad Choir Great Conference in 2022 closed with the acceptance of the accountability report and the election of the President of Unpad Choir for the year 2023. All offline participants at Unpad Dipatiukur and Zoom Meeting also congratulated the Progressio Cabinet which has officially been retired and Ratu Zahranie for being elected as Unpad Choir’s President for the year 2023. Participants also congratulated and encouraged the new management of Unpad Choir 2023; the Samahita Cabinet, hopefully in the future they can bring Unpad Choir to a better direction.