A new Journey: the 23rd Annual UNPAD Choir Concert "Lux Cantio"

[BANDUNG, unpadchoir.com] Titled Lux Cantio: The New Journey of A Luminous Melody, UNPAD Choir again held his annual concert which this time was different from the previous years. In this year, UNPAD Choir held its annual concerts in Bandung and Yogyakarta. Lux Cantio, which means beautiful singing, depicts the wishes of UNPAD choir to go ahead, shine and expand its existence in the choir world through his desire to learn new songs and visit the new city. 

"Lux Cantio means a shining song. It is represented by the singers who are dominated by the young generation of UNPAD choir so that it relates to the spirit of the young people, "Ujar Sanisha Olivia, chief executive of UNPAD Choir's 23rd annual concert" Lux Cantio ".

The preparation for the concert in both cities is a long and winding process, as is the preparation of the choir concert in general. However, there are new obstacles that are found by UNPAD Choir, who is a concert in the new city: Yogyakarta. Visiting and concerts in a city that has never been visited before has its own challenges.

Bandung Concert

Like the tradition of UNPAD choir in concert, the 23rd annual concert of UNPAD Choir titled "Lux Cantio" was held in the building Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Unpad Dipatiukur, Bandung. The concert, held on 27 November 2019, attracted audiences from various circles including family, friends and also the singers ' relatives.

At this Bandung concert, the first song presented by UNPAD Choir was the song Hymn to Freedom (Oscar Peterson) Paul Re[1925-2007]ad's magnificent arrangement was performed magnificently for his beautiful and bright melody. The song was intended to attract the attention of the audience and open the first session of Lux Cantio concert. 

The next songs performed by UNPAD Choir in his 23th annual concert This time are mostly contemporary songs which some of them are traditional Latvian songs. It is also a representation of the Lux Cantio concert poster which made the city of Latvia a concert icon.

The first session of Lux Cantio's concert contained nine songs representing the theme of the concert this time. The song Atsalums (Jēkabs Ja[b. 1992]nčevskis) became the last song in the first session to be closed with an endless audience of applause. 

"Very nice to be able to watch this concert! UNPAD Choir really can bring songs that can steal the hearts of the audience, "said Raditio which is one of the audience.

Then the following begins again the second session of Lux Cantio's concert which was opened with A Capella Overtures arrangement of Andy Beck who no less invited a lively applause from the audience. There are eleven songs performed in the second session which are entertainment songs that more show the diversity of songs in this concert. Evolution of Music (as performed by Pentatonix) Ben Bram's arrangement is a song that closes the second session as well as covering the series of Lux Cantio's annual concerts that are highly appreciated by the audience.

Yogyakarta Concert

In addition to holding his 23rd annual concert in Bandung, this year Unpad Choir also held his annual concert in Yogyakarta on 1 December 2019, more precisely at the Syantikara Youth Center. It is a new thing that Unpad choir has never done before. Yogyakarta City is a new destination for UNPAD choir, because several years before Unpad choir often visited the same second city that is Jakarta. On this occasion, UNPAD Choir managed to step through the routine by holding a concert in Yogyakarta by collaborating with the PSM Gadjah Mada University (PSM UGM).

"Lux Cantio is a different and memorable concert from previous concerts. This is the third annual concert that I followed and the two previous concerts were always the same place, in Bandung and Jakarta, "said Rayhan M. Syafnur, one of the annual concert singers Lux Cantio.

The concerts in Yogyakarta were also divided into two sessions. However, the difference in the concert this time was the first song performed in the first session was the Magnificat (Ēriks Esenvalds), [b. 1977]which was the second song in the first session during the Bandung concert. In the second session, UNPAD Choir featured only nine songs from 11 songs performed in Bandung. This is a form of adjustment to the place used to have concerts. Nevertheless, the concert continues to run according to the same theme and carriage as during the Bandung concert and the enthusiasm of the audience is very big. 

"It's very out of expectation, it's the audience that comes from a wide range of choir groups," said Arvin Zeinullah, the main trainer of UNPAD choir and conductor at the annual concert "Lux Cantio".

The Syantikara Youth Center is arguably not too big, decorated by a full-seat audience with no gaps. The enthusiasm of the Yogyakarta concert audience can be seen from the room.

"Alhamdulillahnya, our plans and decisions to have a concert in Yogyakarta this year is considered appropriate because it relates also to the achievement that has just gained Unpad choir, I think it can be the appeal of people to want to watch UNPAD choir," said Sanisha Olivia.

With the new decision taken, there came also new obstacles and challenges with him. "For the obstacles it is actually about time. The annual concert exercises are cut short by other activities outside this concert, "said Arvin Zeinullah. "One thing to do yesterday is to remind all the elements of this concert to be aware of the role of each and shoulder shoulder in succeeding Cantio Lux annual concert," he continued.

In this Yogyakarta concert is also a new event for Unpad Choir to be able to cooperate with PSM UGM. "We are very grateful and thank you for making a new cooperation with other community participation outside of Bandung with the community participation in UGM. I feel that the COMMUNITY is very sincere in helping us to succeed in the concert of Lux Cantio in Yogyakarta. ", said Sanisha Olivia. The PSM UGM in collaboration with Unpad Choir in this concert also had the opportunity to display three songs on the sidelines of Lux Cantio concert and also collaborated with UNPAD Choir to display the final song in the concert "Lux Cantio" with the song Student led by Athitya Diah Natalia Monica, main trainer of PSM UGM. 

And with the ending of the song, the annual "Lux Cantio" concert trip ended with the cheers of the audience accompanied by the singers ' faces and all elements of the concert team. "This great and passionate spirit signifies that what we strive for so far resulted in a result which is a reminder to maintain the quality and also fight for the good name of UNPAD choir," Closed Arvin Zeinullah.