Closing a Chapter and Opening a New One in Unpad Choir Great Conference 2020

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[] After a year of Kontributif Cabinet’s management, Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) Choir held a great conference to take account of all of the activities and programs which were included in the one year’s management of the cabinet. The great conference itself was held on Saturday and Sunday, 19-20 December 2020 which for the first time was carried out online, adapting to the pandemic situation. The great conference went on smoothly, indicated by the success of the accountability public report of the projects from all divisions in Kontributif Cabinet.

“I’m thrilled, grateful, and relieved to be able to finish the accountability report considering there were a lot of changes in this year which thankfully could be adjusted nicely. For a moment I was touched because it seems so suddenly that one year has passed for this cabinet, and it was very rare to meet with the whole board and its members directly because of the pandemic. Hopefully, we can meet soon! I will miss everyone and the routine that was usually done this year,” said Raihan Tsany Kurnia as the President of Unpad Choir 2020 period.

After the success of leading Unpad Choir and the acceptance of the accountability report of the cabinet, so the management of Kontributif Cabinet was officially ended.

“I’m very thankful to all the members of Kontributif Cabinet, the managers and all the board’s members. Thank you for the teamwork and the hard work which was poured this year to bring Unpad Choir for the better. All that the members did this year, I’m sure that it will be beneficial, especially with a lot of changes in this pandemic situation. Hopefully all that we’ve been through will benefit everyone for their activities in the choir as well as elsewhere,” said Raihan as a closing statement.

Apart from the accountability report of Kontributif Cabinet, another event in the Unpad Choir Great Conference 2020 was the election of the next President of Unpad Choir for the year 2021. In this election of President of Unpad Choir, there were two candidates which were Muhammad Al Riyadh (Bass 2, Batch 2018) from Faculty of Law and Jasmine Azzahra Triatmojo (Sopran 1, Batch 2018) from Faculty of Communication Sciences.

The system of selecting the next president was held with a discussion to determine the best president to lead the next year. After a long discussion, it was settled that the next President of Unpad Choir will be Muhammad Al Riyadh who brought his cabinet with him namely Sahitya Cabinet which means together.

“I’m very grateful to all that have selected and trusted me to carry the mandate to be President of Unpad Choir 2021. The exchange of this leadership will hopefully bring Unpad Choir for the better,” said Muhammad Al Riyadh.

In the same opportunity, Muhamad Al Riyadh also expressed his preparation for next year’s management period shortly. “Of course we have to evaluate the things that were lacking in the previous management to be improved next year. Also, we have to create a lot of plans as to how we can deal with unprecedented situations in the next year.

Raihan Tsany Kurnia as President of Unpad Choir 2020 also gave a message to Al Riyadh and all the choir and board members which at the same time entrusts the mandate of Unpad Choir to the next generation. “Best of luck to Sahitya Cabinet in the next year of Al Riyadh and Ridha’s management! I hope that next year the situation will be better and the choir can return to normal activities, of course. Enjoy the process and be sure that whatever you’re going to give to the choir will also be beneficial,” said Raihan.


Translator: Ridhadiyanti W. R.