Comparative Study in the Middle of a Pandemic with UINSA Surabaya Choir

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[] Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Choir managed to do a comparative study with Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya (UINSA) Choir. However, this comparative study that was held on Sunday, July 12, 2020, was carried out in a different manner. Unlike the normal comparative studies that were being held before the pandemic, this time the event was held through an online platform, which is Google Meet.

The comparative study that was carried out this time began with a presentation on the current organizational structure of Unpad Choir’s cabinet, Kabinet Kontributif. This presentation was conducted by the current chairman of Unpad Choir, Raihan Tsany Kurnia, and all the managers from each division. The presentation was then continued with a question and answer session which was followed enthusiastically by the UINSA Choir participants. Furthermore, the following event was a presentation as well, this time on the structure of the UINSA Choir’s organization conducted by the chairman of UINSA Choir, Bayu Candra Pamungkas, along with the heads of each organizational division or department. This presentation was then continued also with a question and answer session. The questions that were frequently asked were on the subject of several differences in the organizational structures from both choirs.

In this comparative study, each choir had gotten a question about how the programs from both choirs are going to be like because they couldn’t hold out normally due to the pandemic. Both choirs from Unpad Choir and UINSA Choir answered that their programs that are negatively affected can be done in an online manner and will be endeavored to be carried out in such way.

Based on the interview with the UINSA Choir’s chairman, Bayu, the preparation to do this comparative study was done in a very different manner because, during this online comparative study, the coordination could not be carried out directly. Moreover, this online comparative study which was the first online comparative study carried out by both Unpad and UINSA Choir has several disadvantages. One of the UINSA Choir members, Ilsarizqi argued that, “Because we could not do the comparative study directly, the range of communication had also decreased because I could usually get to know everyone. But this time, I could only introduce myself to a few people who often spoke (in the forum) only.”  In addition, according to him, comparative studies that were conducted online are less effective because of the limited time and space, as well as distance and connections. Also according to one of Unpad Choir’s members, Naufalianisa, this online comparative study surely had its disadvantages, especially in terms of internet connections that could suddenly didn’t go smoothly.

Nonetheless, though this comparative study was not carried out face-to-face, and apart from a number of obstacles encountered, the implementation was quite smooth and the event continued to run with enthusiasm from both choir participants. “The impression that left me, it was very pleasing to be able to do a comparative study with Unpad Choir.”, Bayu stated.

Translator: Sarah Fahdah

Editor: Ridhadiyanti