Concert Intern 2019: Welcoming the New Year with young members

(, 28/2/2019) Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (UNPAD choir) returns again with one of the regular concerts each year, namely the Intern concert. In this new year, the Intern concert is a concert organized by the two youngest generations of UNPAD choir. At the Intern concert this year, the 2017 and 2018 forces will collaborate together.


It is new and enjoyable for the youngest generation of UNPAD choir in the process of identifying the principles, values, and activities of UNPAD choir further. This concert was a learning tool for the youngest generation Unpad choir in the World University-level choir; Starts from routine training every week, to the diversity of the songs that are learned and shown at this concert.


Unlike other students, holidays are not the reason for the young members of UNPAD Choir to return to Jatinangor to continue his choir routine. More or less has been the 5th week since the inaugural exercises held on January 14, 2019 then.


The 14th Intern PSM Unpad concert titled "Euphonious Chorale", along with its tagline, "Let The Chorus Brings You to Joy." is a hope for the audience can feel the happiness of the harmony to be presented.


Maintaining Choir Freedom


There is something unique at the Intern concert this year that all conductors are from the 2015 generation and only one in four conductors have been the conductor at the previous Intern concert. This means that three of the four conductors are still very new in his experience of becoming the concert Intern conductor.


One of the three conductors, Kang Nauval Revy Faradis, who signed the Popular Song session, said the challenge of being a concert conductor was at the level of difficulty of his songs and his singing, "the degree of difficulty of the song Different, between job or other UNPAD choir activities with the activities of the Intern concert, moreover, can be seen from the internal team who are more singing; to hundreds. So, it is a challenge for me and teman2 other conductors to be able to train hundreds of singers to be able to form and concert the maximum, "said this faculty of Communications science Unpad University students.


The conductor of the Indonesian Folksong, Bilqist tea, hopes that the session can give its own impression to the audience, also in the process of training he hopes that all aspects of this concert run smoothly with all responsibilities To be borne and challenges.


But from those challenges, do not stop them from carrying out the mandate given to them, which is trying their best to train the young members and to ensure that the concert team will be able to deliver their finest performance In the coming month of April.