DISCOPHORIA: Moment of Togetherness in the 43rd Anniversary of Unpad Choir

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It has been 43 years that Unpad Choir has struggled to continue to be able to provide its best work in the world of choirs. By turning 43 years old, Unpad Choir celebrates its birthday in a different way because of the pandemic condition that has not yet ended. This birthday celebration was held online through Zoom Meeting on Saturday, May 29, 2021. Although implemented online, it did not affect the spirit and enthusiasm of participants of the anniversary of Unpad Choir. The event titled “Discophoria” was attended by Kang Arvin as the main coach of Unpad Choir, alumni of Unpad Choir, as well as active members of Unpad Choir.


The anniversary celebration of Unpad Choir was opened with speeches by Kang Arvin, chairman of Unpad Choir, and the chief executive of this celebration. Of course, hope and prayer also do not forget to make the Unpad Choir grow better. After the speeches, the activity began by showing a video offering that had been made by each group of Sopranos, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. The videos presented are parody music videos that are packaged in an interesting and entertaining way. Although still in pandemic condition until now, all sound groups can still work together and pour their creativity into their own videos. Most of the videos were recorded from their homes which were later combined and edited into an entertaining parody video. Parodies made such as the music parody video “SchoolBoy” by Chrisye made by alto group, “Take on Me” by A-ha by Tenor Group, “Still Loving you” by Scorpion by Bass Group and “Ratu Sejagad” by Vonny Sumlang by Sopran Group.

The excitement of the event continues with playing crossword puzzle games between groups. It turns out that not only active members, the alumni also seemed very enthusiastic during the game. The game was carried out vigorously by the participants until finally won by the Alto group. No less exciting than the previous game, the second game named “Focus on Me” played by individuals aims to hone the focus and memory of each individual in remembering the details of a photo. Just like in the previous games, the alumni were very enthusiastic about participating in this “Focus on Me” game. The enthusiasm of these alumni arises because of their feelings of longing when they were still active members of Unpad Choir. From here, it can be seen that the Unpad Choir relationship has never been broken.

Before this activity ends, the alumni shared stories about their experiences as well as their ups and downs while at Unpad Choir. The Unpad Choir’s birthday celebration was closed with laughter. At the end of the series of activities, there was also a group photo of the participants who attended the Zoom Meeting. Even though this 43rd-anniversary celebration felt a little different from the celebrations in previous years because they could not meet in person, all members of Unpad Choir still felt the warmth of togetherness. In a pandemic situation like now, it will not affect the spirit to maintain a relationship between Unpad Choir members. Forty-three years have passed, of course, there are many lessons to be learned. The Unpad Choir will continue to work and develop in the following years because the Unpad Choir still has a long way to go.