Extraordinary Large Deliberation (MBLB) Kontributif Cabinet 2020

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[BANDUNG unpadchoir.com/01/08/2020] On Saturday (1/8), the Management of Padjadjaran University Student Choir (Unpad Choir) Kontributif Cabinet conducted an Extraordinary Large Deliberation (Musyawarah Besar Luar Biasa or MBLB) which was attended by more than sixty board members and active members of Unpad Choir.  This year’s Extraordinary Large Conference was held online through the Google Meet platform.

In this MBLB, there are several agendas that became the main discussion. Among these are the addition of the article on force majeure, changes in the editorial to the statutes and bylaws, and discussion of plans for assistance to the next management.

This discussion lasted for five hours which was led by three presidiums. The activity began with a discussion about the changes in several articles of the AD/ART. The amendments to the several articles of the AD/ART were explained by the President and Vice President of Unpad Choir which were then verbally approved by the presidium after a long discussion.

Furthermore, there was a presentation by Raihan Tsany Kurnia and Muhammad Hilmy as President and Vice President of Unpad Choir in the 2020 period regarding management assistance addressed to the management of the next period.

“This assistance was carried out because the work of several divisions in the management of this period was less clearly illustrated because most of the activities were carried out online. For this reason, management assistance needed to be carried out and also this activity was carried out for four months”, said Raihan. The management assistance activities will then be discussed further at the Greater Conference at the end of the year.

“I am very grateful to the members of the management and active members who have attended this MBLB event although there are some who attend MBLB while doing other activities. All input received is very valuable for the good of the organization”, concluded Hilmy.  The meeting was then closed with a prayer and a reply to the Unpad Choir jargon led by Raihan.


Translator: Sarah Fahdah