First Meeting RPAB 2021

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Rangkaian Penerimaan Anggota Baru (RPAB) of the University of Padjadjaran Student Choir (PSM Unpad) is an event that is routinely carried out once a year. RPAB is a regeneration process for Unpad Choir held to prepare its members to continue the activities of the choir and the management wheel in the future.

Last Sunday (4/10/21), a welcoming ceremony for new members of Unpad Choir was held in the 2021 First Meet RPAB. This opportunity has definitely been awaited by prospective new members to get to know more about Unpad Choir. Although this activity was carried out online like last year, it did not dampen their spirit and instead received great enthusiasm from participants who actively interacted in each series of events.

The event started with the introduction of the Technical Team by Teh Emanuela, followed by speech and introduction of Muhammad Al Riyadh as the Chairman of the Unpad Choir, and Bunga Nafarin as the Chairman of the RPAB. After that, it was continued with the presentation of the cultural values of Unpad Choir which were later expected to be instilled in the prospective new members in every activity. Then, the event was continued with announcements and meetings with each Liaison Officer (LO) of each group in the Breakout Rooms on the Zoom Meeting. The LOs would of course accompany and provide direction to prospective new members during the RPAB activities.

At the end of the event, video playback of messages from Kang Arvin Zeinullah as the main coach of Unpad Choir became an encouraging and motivating closing for the participants of the 2021 RPAB first meeting. “It was really fun, the event was not too formal so you could joke around. Plus, the MC is fun and exciting, even though I didn’t meet Kang Arvin in person, I was still happy to be able to see him from the short video,” said Nazwa, participant of the 2021 RPAB First Meet.

“Although the pandemic has not ended, hybrid practices are an alternative step to continue practicing in current conditions. Hopefully, the new students can further develop their potential at Unpad Choir and I hope this year’s RPAB will be even better than the previous year and still be able to maintain the quality of human resources in Unpad Choir.” Said Jasmine, one of the LOs in the RPAB.