Forum Meeting Mid-Year Management of Sahitya Cabinet 2021

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Unpad Choir held a Mid-Year Meeting (RTT) on July 11, 2021, right after half the period of the Sahitya Cabinet management. The RTT itself is held to discuss and account for all activities and work programs in each division during the half-term management period that has been undertaken. This activity also aims to create better management performance in the next half term. The RTT was held online through the Zoom Meeting platform considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

In addition to discussing and being responsible for all management activities and work programs for half a period, RTT is also held to evaluate the things that have been done by each division in detail. Furthermore, the management, the Steering Committee (SC), and the technical team present can ask questions or provide suggestions on the matters presented.

The RTT began with the reading of the meeting rules, remarks from Juno as the Chair of the Unpad Choir, remarks from the Steering Committee (SC) represented by Grace and Dizka from the 2016 batch, and remarks from Kang Arvin as the main trainer and alumni who followed the development of Unpad Choir.

“With the implementation of this RTT, the management can discuss ideas together regarding all aspects of management. Management can also find out the situation in other divisions. This is important so that all Unpad Choir management can know and understand the internal conditions of the management itself. Know what happened in the management that has been carried out.” said Grace as this year’s Steering Committee.

The RTT was then continued with the presentation of the results by the ten divisions and four existing subdivisions. This activity was divided into two presentation sessions wherein each session, there were two question-and-answer sessions with three questioners in each.

The presentation of the first session was started by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, then continued by the Secretary Division, Finance Division, Entrepreneurship and Business Development (ENBD) Division, External Division, Internal Division, Choral Development Division, and then ended with a question and answer session. 

Before the second session started, all participants who attended the RTT were presented with games to increase enthusiasm and minimize boredom. After that, the second session was continued with presentations from the Project Development Division, Research and Development Division, General Affairs Division, and Media Promotion and Creative Branding (MPCB) Division, and closed again with a question and answer session.

“For me, I am very grateful that in this RTT the management received a lot of input and detailed advice on the results of the work for six months and of course input for the next six months for the presence of the steering committee and the technical team.” said Juno, as the Head of Unpad Choir.

“I want to give a message to my friends in 2019 and 2020 to be more proactive in the future in similar forums so that they can be used as learning supplies for the future. In addition, I hope the management will continue to increase their enthusiasm and be diligent in completing their duties in the remaining six months.” he continued.

Although it cannot be done face-to-face and again online, the RTT this time is still running smoothly and conducive.