Keeping The Good Spirit Of Organization Through Mid Year Meeting

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[] After seven months of Kontributif Cabinet’s management, Padjadjaran University Choir held a Mid Year Meeting (RTT) to take responsibility for all activities and work programs of each division for the past half period of the management. This meeting is also intended to shape the management’s preparation to be better in the next term. The Mid-Year Meeting takes place on Saturday, July 25, 2020 and is held virtually for the first time.

The purpose of implementing the Mid Year Meeting itself is not only to be responsible for the management work, but also to evaluate each division in more detail, to discuss the achievements and constraints for half a period, and to provide suggestions regarding the obstacles experienced by the board members as a whole or from the Steering Committee team (SC) and the Technical Team. This Mid Year Meeting was also carried out based on the urgency in the current pandemic which calls to different measures of programs and other works.

“This year, we consider the Mid Year Meeting to be quite crucial because, with the seemingly never-ending pandemic condition, it forces us to rack our brains to continue carrying out activities and works that are usually carried out directly but are now forced to be done in a lot of alternative ways,” said Muhammad Hilmy Mubarak as Vice President of Padjadjaran University Choir.

The Mid Year Meeting began with opening remarks from the Steering Committee team represented by Maharani Praphesti, continued by presentations of the work’s progress from the twelve divisions divided into three sessions, which were then followed by a question and answer session on each session.

“During this pandemic, there were a lot of adjustments that had to be made. In my opinion, each member of the board has tried to adjust this condition well, each element has tried to show their respective roles well”, said Maharani Praphesti.

Collaborative and innovative works of the management team is an indicator of success in adjusting work systems. “In my opinion, the progression of the divisions represented by the managers of the Cabinet is in line with expectations, but there are indeed several divisions that Hilmy and I need to guide, considering there are also changes and adjustments in this pandemic era,” said Raihan Tsany Kurnia as the President of Padjadjaran University Choir.

In this case, the best strategy is required in making adjustments to changes to be better prepared in the next term. “The management strategy is to improve the effectiveness of communication, it can be seen from the obstacles that occur in this Mid Year Meeting, that there are many communication problems. In fact, it is indeed very difficult to build effective communication in a pandemic situation like this,” said Raihan.

“Establishing good communication between all parties starting from Kang Arvin as the main trainer, the Steering Committee Team, alumni as well as all active students, members of the Choir, and of course the members of this management board. Communication becomes important to become a common goal here which is to move Padjadjaran University Choir to be better”, Hilmy continued.

It is rather important to do an analysis of matters which are the weaknesses of the management for the past seven months. Through this Mid Year Meeting, the management is expected to be able to think critically in executing each activity effectively to achieve the essence of the management’s programs. Another hope was expressed by Maharani Praphesti as the Steering Committee. “Every step in our lives is a learning process, so I hope that all members of the Choir never stop going onwards because if we stop, we also stop learning. Hopefully, the members of the Kontributif Cabinet will never stop learning and to always try their best together for the better of Padjadjaran University Choir, ” Maharani concluded.


Translator: Ridhadiyanti