Learning From Each Other On Comparative Study With UIN Jakarta Choir

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On Saturday, August 8, 2020, Padjadjaran University Choir, held an online comparative study with State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Choir. This online comparative study was attended by more than 100 participants from both Unpad Choir and UIN Jakarta Choir. Due to the pandemic that causes limitations, this comparative study was held online, using Google Meet as the platform.

This activity began with opening speech from head of Unpad Choir, Raihan Tsany Kurnia, which was followed by opening speech from head of UIN Jakarta Choir, Raza Aqil Maulana, along with speeches  from the conductor, Julian Pranata, and conductor assistant, Dewangga Aji. This was followed by a material presentation, carried out by the chairman, vice chairman, and manager of each division.

In this session, each division manager explained about the job description that must be undertaken. Then, this was followed by the opportunity to ask questions related to the presentation. The session was divided into two terms, which were followed enthusiastically by questioners from UIN Jakarta Choir. Questioners mainly were asking about the organization structure, also activities in Unpad Choir, such as new member recruitment and vocal lessons.

After this question and answer session was over, there was a virtual collaboration video screening between Unpad Choir and UIN Jakarta Choir, which performed a song called Bolelebo. All participants welcomed this collaboration video with great fanfare.

The comparative study then continued by material explanation from UIN Jakarta Choir, which were introducing the organizational structure and the composition of its cabinet, carried out by three speakers. Besides the structure, UIN Jakarta Choir also mentioned several achievements that have been achieved.

The question and answer session after this presentation followed by several questioners from Unpad Choir, as representatives. Questions that had been asked from questioners were about university policy, adjustment of new member online admissions, and several activities. After this session was over, it was continued with games, and giving placards to both choirs.

Even though it was held online, this comparative study was very useful for Unpad Choir and UIN Jakarta Choir. Both choirs can learn how to overcome the limitations of the practice because of pandemic, other than that, comparative study also can be meant to learn about the organization, as well as other activities from both choirs. Hopefully, this comparative study also could strengthen the ties between Unpad Choir and UIN Jakarta Choir.

According to the head of UIN Jakarta Choir, Raza Aqil Maulana, he hoped that this comparative study could be a place to be able to learn and also get more information about many things.  “From this comparative study, I want the UIN Jakarta Choir to continue to learn and enrich their knowledge, especially in the organizational related, managerial, and most importantly in the field of choir. I also hope that UIN Jakarta choir can apply the knowledge and learn together. ” Said Raza, as the chairman of the UIN Jakarta Choir. “Hopefully, this comparative study will be the start of a good cooperation, as well as the start of the friendship between two choirs”, he continued.