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[] On Saturday, February 6, 2021, the Universitas Padjadjaran Student Choir (PSM Unpad) conducted a comparative study with the Bandung Institute of Technology Student Choir (PSM ITB) online through the Zoom Meeting platform.

The comparative study carried out this time begins with an explanation of the current cabinet stewardship which has only been running in early 2021, namely the Sahitya Cabinet. This presentation was carried out by the current chairman and vice chairman of the Unpad Choir, Muhammad Al-Riyadh, and Ridhadiyanti Wedia, as well as managers from each division. The presentation was then continued by the management of the ITB Choir which was carried out by the head of the  ITB Choir, Titis Swari Wigati, along with the heads of each management division. After the presentation, it was followed by a question and answer session that focused on the differences between the organizational structures of both ITB Choir and Unpad Choir.

In this comparative study, each party was asked about how the work program was hampered by the pandemic. Both from the PSM Unpad and ITB, answered that the work program was hampered and could be done and implemented online. Regarding the regeneration, the program is also a concern, where the two administrations share regarding the regeneration mechanism of new members in the midst of a pandemic like now.

According to the Head of PSM ITB, Titis, this comparative study is expected to be a means of reflection and exchange of information for the two management. “The comparative study yesterday was exciting to get to know the Internal and External divisions of Unpad Choir. From friends of Unpad Choir, we know the experiences and efforts made by Unpad Choir to increase the involvement and support of alumni. We were inspired to adopt some of these ideas in hopes of improving our relationship with our alumni. Overall, we know several things that could be applied in PSM-ITB such as in terms of raising funds and so on, “said Joseph, as a member of the ITB PSM.

Even though this comparative study was conducted online again, the implementation was quite smooth and continued with enthusiasm from the participants. “This comparative study is very exciting, especially when it comes to sharing knowledge, experiences, interesting information (although online) from the choir whose achievements have no doubt. The entertainment program is no less exciting and the MCs are funny,” said Titis.

(Aldy Nofansya)