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Aos ogé dina Basa Sunda

[ 25/04/21] The enthusiastic audience in watching the first vocal recital held this year was spectacular. A performance held on Saturday (17/04) was very much awaited by choir lovers. The best performances have also been prepared carefully by the singers of this vocal recital. The many responses and appreciations that enliven the comment field, vocal recitals organized online through Youtube Private is welcomed with passion. 

The abbreviation of Kawala “ikana” and “kwala” has the meaning of confidence to show self-ability. In accordance with the theme, Kawala is here to facilitate the singers in realizing their dreams of developing themselves to confidently move forward by presenting their best performances. 

“It is very nice that Kawala’s vocal recital can be held well and get enthusiastic from various generations, members of Unpad Choir, and external parties of Unpad Choir. Hopefully, this vocal recital can be a cure for the longing of Unpad Choir members for singing activities.” said Brigitta as the chief executive. The concert started at 14:30 and was opened by a performance from Sekar Haria, Soprano 2020, who performed the song Where’er You Walk. 

According to Brigitta, the challenge in organizing this concert is that communication is fully conducted online and prone to misunderstandings. “This is a new challenge and learning for all the elements involved in this vocal recital,” he added. Although the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet, the spirit of the young generation of Unpad Choir in carrying out this concert did not decrease. There were 23 performers who participated in this concert to hone their potential and sound quality. 

Jasmine Azzahra, one of Kawala’s vocal recital concert-goers, said she enjoyed the concert very much. “It’s great to see the new faces of the 2020 generation attending this concert.” Jasmine also added her assessment of the whole event. “The packaging of the event is very neat and interesting with motion graphics that are fun in the eyes and the implementation is also on time.” 

The festivities of Kawala’s vocal recital concert concluded with the warmth of an encore song titled “Memories of Summer”.