Padjadjaran University Choir Spirit in Celebrating the 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia

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[ Bandung, 17/08/2023] Day of August 17 celebration is a special day for all Indonesian people to commemorate the sacrifice, struggle and spirit of the heroes for Indonesian independence. The spirit of the warriors still exists until now in 2023 throughout the Indonesian nation, including Padjadjaran University Choir.

This year Unpad PSM enthusiastically participated in various series of events in various places to commemorate Indonesian Independence Day. Padjadjaran University Choir members were divided into several teams to enliven the 78th Indonesian Independence Day in various places such as Gasibu Field, Padjadjaran University Rectorate in Jatinangor, Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung (RSHS), Cihampelas Walk, and Trans Studio Mall Bandung.

Tim Psm Unpad bernyanyi di lapangan gasibu

Padjadjaran University Choir has once again received the trust of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov Jabar) to become a singing team at the 78th Republic of Indonesia Independence Day ceremony at the West Java Province level, Thursday (17/8). Taking place at Bandung’s Gasibu Square, this ceremony was led by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. The flag ceremony was attended by the Deputy Governor of West Java, the Chair of the West Java DPRD, the Head of the West Java Regional Police, and the Head of the West Java High Prosecutor’s Office. This ceremony is divided into two parts, namely the flag raising and lowering ceremonies.

At the flag raising ceremony which was held in the morning on the Gasibu field Padjadjaran University Choir performed various songs with the theme of independence and with team members numbering 50-60 people taking turns. Then at the flag lowering ceremony  Padjadjaran University Choir performed several songs with the same theme, some examples, namely:Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke, Kebyar Kebyar, Garuda Pancasila, Hari Merdeka with the accompaniment of the main conductor of PSM Unpad Arvin Zeinullah.

At the same time, a series of independence ceremonies which were also attended by Unpad Choir, namely at the Rectorate of Padjadjaran University, started in the morning which was attended by the Chancellor of Padjadjaran University, Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti. At this ceremony the Unpad PSM also performed songs with the theme of independence such as Garuda Pancasila, Hari Kemerdekaan, and Kebyar-Kebyar led by conductor Jessie Diorito Lubis.
“My feelings when I was a singer at the Indonesian Independence Day commemoration ceremony were that I was very excited and proud. Then I saw the lecturers wearing different traditional clothes from various tribes in Indonesia. I felt the solemnity of the Indonesian Independence Day commemoration ceremony, through the independence-themed songs that I and my Unpad Choir friends felt moved.” said Nadhira Afifah, one of the Unpad Choir singers who sang at the Rectorate of Padjadjaran University Jatinangor.

Unpad Choir also took part in a series of independence ceremonies at RSHS which started in the morning together with other teams which were attended by the RSHS hospital community. Unpad PSM with team members totaling 15 people performed several songs to help commemorate Indonesia’s independence day, namely the song Indonesia Raya, Mengheningkan Cipta, Hari Merdeka, and Medley Bungong led by Conductor Adam Prana Surya. 

In a different place, PSM Unpad also commemorated Indonesia’s independence day at Cihampelas walk with 16 team members performing several songs such as Indonesia Raya and Mengheningkan Cipta accompanied by an angklung group from Angklung Taman. “I am happy with the cooperative and quick adaptability of both PSM and Angklung Taman, so it was easy to bring the two musicians together which of course was a new experience for me, if you could say it, it felt like being the conductor of a mini orchestra,” said Alex Hartono as the conductor. The series of independence day activities held at Ciwalk contained several interesting activities such as various entertainment activities and door prizes which added to the excitement of the 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

Not only attending ceremonies in various places, PSM Unpad’s enthusiasm for enlivening the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day was closed with a series of activities at Trans Studio Mall in the evening starting at 19.00 WIB with quite a large number of members, namely 47 people and led by the main conductor of PSM Unpad Arvin Zeinullah. In this activity, PSM performed various songs such as Bambu Runcing, Berkibarlah Benderaku, Halo-Halo Bandung,Hari Kemerdekaan, Indonesia Pusaka, Maju tak Gentar, Bangun Pemudi Pemuda, Rayuan Pulau Kelapa, Tanah Air, and many other songs with the theme of struggle and independence which were performed by singing in several spots at TSM to entertain visitors at TSM.

This is a long series of Unpad PSM activities to help enliven Indonesia’s independence day. Hopefully the spirit of PSM Unpad can continue to be maintained and so will the entire Indonesian nation.

Rosa Thalita Mangunsong