ROAD TO SPECTA: The Excitement of PSM Unpad Birthday Anniversary Celebration

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Full of joy and happiness. That’s the atmosphere of the Unpad Choir birthday celebration on Saturday, July 30, 2022. Time flies so fast, now Unpad Choir has turned 44 years old. The 44th-anniversary celebration entitled “Road to Specta” is different from previous years because it is held in hybrid, at Unpad Dipatiukur Campus and the Zoom Meeting platform. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided, health protocols in this activity are still enforced, such as wearing masks, washing hands, and not making physical contact. This year’s celebration has been eagerly awaited because finally Unpad Choir members, both students, and collegiate, can gather and unite positive energy together. Therefore, this year’s Unpad Choir anniversary is used as a place to fill new energy for Unpad Choir members in the transition era.

The celebration of Unpad Choir 44th anniversary began with playing games together in the front garden of the Unpad Dipatiukur Faculty of Law. The participants were divided into 4 based on the voice type with the dress code used, namely Soprano (red), Alto (yellow), Tenor (green), and Bass (blue). The first game that is done is to blow up the balloons, then continue with the game of inserting a nail into the bottle and the last one that is most awaited is a guessing body game. All the games were filled with laughter from the participants as well as cheers of support for their respective voices. The game of blow up balloons was won by Bass, the game of putting nails in a bottle was won by Tenor, and the guessing game was won by Alto’s voice.

After the group play session was over, the event continued with remarks held at the new Unpad Choir practice site. The practice room was decorated very lively, in accordance with the theme of Unpad Choir’s birthday this year. Before entering the room, everybody were invited to hang a paper containing prayers and wishes on the wishing tree provided by the committee. The remarks started from the vice chairman of the Unpad Choir anniversary committee, Muhammad Amrullah Ari Zindhi, followed by remarks from the head of the Unpad Choir Progressio Cabinet, Birgitta Fortune Mumpuni, then finally the video showing the welcome video of Kang Arvin Zeinullah as the main trainer of Unpad Choir. In his speech, Kang Arvin wished him a happy birthday and many prayers for Unpad Choir.

“My message to all of you, who are still active students, to establish good and sincere relationships which will later become your strength (active students of Unpad Choir) to develop in Unpad Choir and later of course for further activities after you Graduated. To all my brothers and sisters, my comrades in arms, I thank you for your understanding for the our younger brothers and sisters with their characters which are of course different from all of us. With brothers and sisters who continue to support our younger brothers and sisters, hopefully what we are fighting for together will bear good results for Unpad Choir which is stronger in the future, the great Unpad Choir is supported by many people, love each other, nyaah, making Unpad Choir a group to be proud of, and becoming the number 1 Student Choir in Indonesia. Happy gathering, I hope it goes well and everyone is happy,” said Kang Arvin in the welcoming video.

After all the remarks were finished, the event that became a tradition of Unpad Choir in celebrating the anniversary finally arrived, namely the video showing of each voice’s presentation. At this year’s celebration, every voice must make a video with the theme of ‘advertising’. Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass voices create videos with their own uniqueness that characterizes each voice. The next event was a video screening of the birthday greetings of Unpad Choir members as well as hopes and prayers for Unpad Choir in the future. The next series is the preparation of Unpad Choir members for Unpad Choir Got Talent. Because there was no winner from the previous game, therefore an additional game was held, namely ‘PSM Unpad Got Talent’. All voices display their own creativity and talent. Even though they were given very little preparation time, every voice managed to entertain the audience. In the end, the winner of the games at the 44th anniversary celebration of Unpad Choir this year was won by Tenor’s voice.

The highlight of the event at this birthday celebration was the tumpeng cutting processsed by Birgitta as the chairman of Unpad Choir and Kang Heri as the representative of the alumni of Unpad Choir. After that, all members of Unpad Choir sang the song Syukur to thank God almighty for all the blessings and graces that have been given so that Unpad Choir can continue to survive and rise even in the midst of difficult conditions. Gratitude is also extended to Allah SWT because his blessing finally Unpad Choir members can gather again, share stories of joy and sorrow, and can feel the warmth as usual.


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