Sharing in Charity Program in the Pandemic Era

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[BANDUNG] In order to welcome Idul Adha, July 17, Unpad Choir held a social service program which was carried out differently this year. Usually, Padjadjaran University or Unpad Choir organizes social services in public. For example, last year, the Choir held Serambi: Semarak Ramadhan Berbagi which took place in one of the orphanages in Rancaekek. At this time, the Choir did not make the committee fixated on the job description, but the management members who were now allowed to participate in helping the social service, which is the responsibility by one of the members of the Project Development division, a division related to all Unpad Choir’s annual programs.

Ivanna Shelma Taofani, the person in charge of the social service activities this time admitted that the current social service program is very different from before. This time, Ivanna did not have to prepare the committee as a whole but was assisted by members of Unpad Choir, especially the contributing cabinet members who were willing to contribute their efforts to launch social service activities, but also limited the number of members, given the pandemic situation that currently requires us to always keep your distance and not make a crowd.

The implementation of social service activities is located in Bandung, coinciding with the place of residence of the person in charge, as well as other members who participate in social service activities.  There are also two members who try to come from other cities that are close to the city of Bandung.

“This is the first activity carried out directly by the Choir since the pandemic has kept us at home, so I’m very excited.  The pandemic situation does not become an obstacle to the social service activities to be carried out, while we comply with the prevailing health protocols, ” said Regita, one of the 2019 Unpad Choir members as well as part of the management that participated in this social service.

On Thursday, July 16, Unpad Choir members who participated in this activity prepared a variety of basic needs that would be distributed the following day. There are basic food ingredients such as rice, cooking oil, coffee, tea, instant noodles, salt, and sugar as ingredients that will later be put together in a number of bags containing a combination of these ingredients. This bag will then be distributed to people who need it.

The distribution of groceries is prioritized given to the two people who pass the food distribution team from the Choir which is divided into three cars.  Starting from Dipatiukur Unpad, then the three cars spread to several different points of the city.

Per car, there are a number of bags and packaged food that will be distributed without getting out of the car, given the current conditions. The distribution of the nine basic necessities is also intended to not cause crowds while still ensuring that all the basic food items can be distributed completely within a period of three and a half hours.

Ivanna admitted that he did not expect that there would be any obstacles in the distribution process which was carried out on that Friday.  But apparently, there is one obstacle experienced.

“We are trying to be wise in distributing these groceries, because we don’t want to create a crowd in the situation. However, there were instances when we were sure we would not make a crowd, but instead cause a crowd that we avoided from the start,” said Ivanna.

From the obstacles that arose, the food distribution team was more careful in distributing the food to the needy that was encountered, so as not to cause a crowd like what had happened before.

In the end, the nine basic necessities were distributed by the entire food distribution team from the Choir. “Alhamdulillah, our goal can be achieved well, I am grateful to be able to carry out social services even under different conditions like this,” concluded Ivanna.

Although this time the Choir social service program could not be carried out as usual as in previous years, but with the enthusiasm of the Choir members, the social service activities could still be carried out effectively. This social service activity is also a hope that the time we are experiencing can improve soon, and we can all enjoy Eid Al Adha by remembering the importance of sharing with others.


Translator: Sarah Fahdah