The Path to Happiness in Vocal Recital 2020: Alarsa

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[ 23/10/20] There is something different in the vocal recital which was held this year. The recital, which is held from year to year at RSG Gedung 2 Unpad Dipatiukur, has now moved online via Youtube Private. The show was held last Saturday (17/10) at 19:45 and the enthusiasm of the spectators who had been waiting was clearly evident from the many comments submitted in the comments section.

This time, the vocal recital is titled ‘Alarsa’, which stands for ‘alur’ and ‘harsa’ which means flow of happiness. “The meaning behind this title is the process that a singer goes through from knowing a song to mastering it, which is described as a plot that ultimately leads to happiness. The happiness is shown by the final performance of the singers after going through many obstacles in the process,” said Ridha, the chief executive of the Vocal Recital.

The concert is divided into two sessions as recital concerts are usually held. There are 16 performers with 14 solo singers, 1 pair of duet singers, and 1 ensemble. The show was opened with the song Bist du bei mir, performed by Verent Novia, Alto 1 2019.

Carrying out a concert with a different concept from previous concerts is not an easy matter. “The challenge is definitely a different work system and the media used. Because this time all kinds of work had to be done online, this was a challenge for the committee. We have to adjust what we already know and turn it into new things,” added Ridha.

However, the hard work of the committee has yielded good results. The audience was considered quite entertained by this concert, seen from the expanding comment section. One of the concert goers, Rahayu Indah, admitted that she was quite impressed with this online concert. “In terms of video and audio quality it is very good, so that the essence that is usually conveyed at a vocal recital can be conveyed well,” she said.

The concert ended at 22:00 after the closing by the El Coro ensemble performing Karena Kau Ada. Hopefully this virtual concert cures the audience’s longing before we can return to our usual activities in choir!


Translator: Clara Vennia