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[unpadchoir.com Bandung, 5/2/2024] The 2024 Unpad Choir Great Conference was held after going through one year of leadership and various journeys in managing the organization. This deliberation aims to convey accountability for the results of activities during one period of management of the Samahita Cabinet in 2023. On 27-28 January 2024, the deliberation was held in a hybrid manner, at the Unpad Dipatiukur Campus and via the Zoom Meeting platform. This step was taken so that all elements of Unpad Choir can take part in deliberations, both directly on campus and online, and ensure maximum participation even if limited by distance or physical presence.

The accountability presentation began by detailing the results of the performance of the Chair of the Unpad Choir Samahita Cabinet, Ratu Zahranie, together with the Deputy Chair, Ida Bagus Putu. Next, the deliberation continued with presentations from each manager in each division, which included job descriptions, work programs, results, obstacles, as well as openness to receive and consider suggestions and input from all participants in the Unpad Choir Great Conference. This step is considered important to overcome the obstacles faced, with the aim of improving the performance of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, as well as each division, in order to create the next management that is superior and more effective.

Apart from the presentation from the Samahita Cabinet management, the Unpad Choir Technical Team also provided an accountability report on their performance during 2023. This series of presentations closed with the receipt of an accountability report from the Unpad Choir management for the 2023 period under the Samahita Cabinet, marking the official end of the session.

The series of deliberations continued with the session on the Election of Unpad Choir Chair for the 2024 period, involving three candidates who successfully passed a series of selections, namely Jessie Diorito Lubis (Alto 1 Batch 2021 from the Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Technology), Anugrah P. Sijabat (Tenor 2 Batch 2021 from the Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Technology), and Anugerah Angrainy (Soprano 2 Batch 2021 from the Faculty of Psychology). The process of selecting the Chair of Unpad Choir began with a campaign presentation, followed by an open question and answer session with the candidates, as well as intensive discussions to reach consensus. After discussions with all participants of the Great Conference, Anugerah Angrainy was successfully elected as Chair of Unpad Choir for the 2024 period, leading the Anivarya Abhyudaya Cabinet.

The name Anivarya Abhyudaya Cabinet is taken from Sanskrit which reflects the inexorable spirit of achieving progress on the journey to achieving goals. It is hoped that every Unpad Choir member, under the leadership of the Anivarya Abhyudaya Cabinet, can internalize the values promoted, such as unstoppable determination, commitment to continuous progress, and courage to face challenges.

“Being chairman of Unpad Choir, of course I am grateful because all elements of Unpad Choir have been given the trust to become the new chairman of Unpad Choir in 2024. To be honest, there is also fear because this is the biggest responsibility that I will take on during this year. But of course I am also happy and I will try my best to take this management in a better direction. I ask for your support and prayers for every element of Unpad Choir so that we can work together and synergize well in the future.” Reveal Anugerah Angrainy.

The election of the Chair in the Unpad Choir management for the 2024 period marks the conclusion of a series of activities in the Unpad Choir Great Conference. All participants who were physically present at Unpad Dipatiukur and via the Zoom Meeting platform also expressed their congratulations to the Samahita Cabinet who had officially retired, and congratulated Anugerah Angrainy who was elected as Chair of the Unpad Choir for the 2024 period. The participants also conveyed their hopes and enthusiasm to The new management of Unpad Choir 2024 under the Anivarya Abhyudaya Cabinet, and hopes that Unpad Choir can go in a better direction in the future.

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