Unpad Choir Made Another Achievement in Europe

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[unpadchoir.com Gabrovo, 25/06/2022] – Padjadjaran University Student Choir (Unpad Choir) once again made Indonesia proud by winning at The 11th International “Antonio Vivaldi” Choir Competition & Festival which was held on June 25 at the Municipal Hall “Vazrazdane” Gabrovo, Bulgaria. In the competition, Unpad Choir won a gold medal (1st place) in the Mixed Choir Category.

Unpad Choir succeeded in becoming the first winner in the Mixed Choir category with a score of 98 through various and slick song performances. Some of the songs they performed included Die mit Tränen Säen werden (Heinrich Schutz), Readymade Alice (Perttu Haapenen), and Gayatri (Bagus S. Utomo). The diversity and selection of the programs reflected the unique musical ability of Unpad Choir which is very expressive.

Before the performance in the competition, Unpad Choir had also carried out a cultural mission which is usually held every year, namely the Cultural Concert at The 11th International “Antonio Vivaldi” Choir Festival in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. At the Cultural Concert, Unpad Choir performed various Indonesian folk songs, such as Sik Sik Sibatumanikam (Pontas Purba), Gai Bintang (Budi S. Yohanes), Cing Cangkeling (Budi S. Yohanes), Lisoi (Ruben Federizon), Soleram (Josu Elberdin), Bungong Jeumpa (Paul Widyawan), Yamko Rambe Yamko (Agustinus B. Jusana), Benggong (Ken Steven), and Gayatri (Bagus S. Utomo).

In addition, before carrying out a series of activities for The 11th International “Antonio Vivaldi” Choir Competition & Festival, Unpad Choir participated in the European Grand Prix (EGP) for Choral Singing in Tours, France. EGP for Choral Singing is the world’s highest and most prestigious choral competition that brings together the overall champions from 6 competitions in Arezzo-Italy, Debrecen-Hungary, Tours-France, Maribor-Slovenia, Tolosa-Spain, and Varna-Bulgaria who are members of the EGP for Choral Singing association.

“Indonesia Kirana has developed into an effective tool for Unpad Choir to show the youth side of the struggle to achieve their dreams and at the same time bring Indonesia’s name on the world stage. Through this mission, Unpad Choir conveyed the message that a student choir is a positive group that deserves to be appreciated and supported by many parties. Success in Indonesia Kirana as a student choir can only be achieved through the same vision of all elements of the choir members, good cooperation, understanding of each other, and forming a system that can support both sides of the singing activities as well as the organizing,” said Arvin Zeinullah, the conductor of Unpad Choir.

Unpad Choir carries a movement called Indonesia Kirana as a form of cultural mission through competitions and cultural performances. Jasmine Azzahra Triatmojo, the head of the program, stated that the biggest achievement of Unpad Choir can be realized through a 5-month training process. The choir team consisting of 44 members also managed to make history as the first Indonesian student choir to advance to the prestigious final of EGP for Choral Singing and win the competition of The 11th International “Antonio Vivaldi” Choir Competition.


Amanda Alya