Unpad Choir’s Charity Program: Building Togetherness Strengthens Steps

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[unpadchoir.com Bandung, 18/07/2023] Members of the Padjadjaran University Choir held a charity program with an inspiring theme, “Rangkul: Rangkai Kebersamaan Kuatkan Langkah” last Sunday, July 9 2023. This theme contains a deep meaning that togetherness is an important key for every human being to share, strengthen, move forward, and embrace each other to create lasting warmth.

Charity Program as a Form of Gratitude and Concern for Others

This activity is a form of gratitude and concern for others. Charity is an annual tradition of Unpad Choir to share happiness and fortune with those in need. The charity program is also a moment to pray for the team from Unpad Choir who will compete in Tokyo this year.

The charity activities took place at the Muhammadiyah Orphanage. Program started with an opening speech by the head of the charity program, the head of Unpad Choir, and a representative from the orphanage named Umi Dedeh. This event continued with various engaging games that delighted the children from the Muhammadiyah orphanage.

Additionally, the Unpad Choir presented a video of their performance, showcasing songs like Mood Hari Raya, the traditional Soleram, and the Bandung song, Ole Ole Bandung. Following this, all the participants of the charity program joined together in prayer to support the Unpad Choir’s competition team, led by Deputy Chairperson Ida Bagus Putu. A ceremonial Tumpeng cutting symbolized the unity and appreciation for the success of the event.

Atmosphere grew even more vibrant during the subsequent session, where the Unpad Choir’s video was screened, and all attendees gathered in a heartfelt prayer. The program proceeded smoothly until five in the afternoon. It concluded with a group photo session and the distribution of food to all the participants.

unpad choir's charity program

The feeling of happiness and togetherness was felt during the implementation of this charity program. All the participants, both from Unpad Choir and from the orphanage, looked so happy. The children of the Muhammadiyah Orphanage also seemed enthusiastic because visits and joint activities like this rarely happen.

Despite facing several obstacles such as delays in members and leaving behind items. The committee was able to overcome these obstacles quickly and effectively.

Impressions and Messages of the Chief Executive of “Rangkul”

Ulfitaria Kirana, as the chief executive of this charity program, expressed her impressions during this activity. “My impression during this activity was that there was a sense of togetherness from us Unpad Choir with friends from the Muhammadiyah orphanage. With the sense, this is the key for all of us to share, strengthen, and embrace each other. And next, I hope that this charity program entitled “Rangkul” can provide benefits for all of us,” he said.

Ulfitaria also expressed her gratitude to all Muhammadiyah committees, administrators and orphanages. Who actually have supported and invested their time and energy in this activity. He hopes that charity activities like this can continue well in the years to come.

Unpad Choir’s charity program “Rangkul” was not only brings happiness to the beneficiaries. It also gives satisfaction and pride to Unpad Choir. Hopefully this spirit of togetherness and caring can be maintained and inspire others to share goodness with others.


Writer: Nunik Alfiani

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