Unpad Choir’s Kaleidoscope in 2020

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[unpadchoir.com 31/12/2020] It doesn’t feel like we are at the end of 2020, a difficult year and also a year full of learning.  The journey of the Padjadjaran University Student Choir this year also succeeded in reaching the final point. During its journey in 2020, Unpad Choir has succeeded in implementing major programs through many adjustments to the pandemic situation in 2020 which has succeeded in giving a sweet impression this year, including Virtual Choir, Social Service, Routine Training, Night of Familiarity, New Member Admissions Series (RPAB), Vocal Recital, Intern Concert, and Large Deliberations. The following paragraphs are the brief summary.

In May, Unpad Choir activity was opened with the creation of a Virtual Choir video of singing the song “Maju Tak Gentar” by Cornel Simandjuntak arranged by J. Hutajulu, which was uploaded to the official Youtube channel of Unpad Choir. This Virtual Choir is a form of appreciation and enthusiasm from Unpad Choir for medical personnel who are struggling at the forefront in dealing with COVID-19 and also for all those who have contributed during this pandemic.

The second Virtual Choir Project this year presented the song “Let it be” by The Beatles arranged by R. Cayabyab & M. Soliman. This time, Unpad Choir collaborates with Agria Swara Bogor, which is a form of reminder for others to continue fighting during the pandemic, hope will continue and we must continue to survive with enthusiasm.

The next agenda is the social service called “PSM Unpad Berbagi” which was held on July 17, 2020. Apart from celebrating the Eid Al-Adha, this program is also proof of the care of Unpad Choir through the distribution of basic necessities to the duafa. This program is the first activity of Unpad Choir that has been carried out directly since the pandemic, which requires every activity to be done at home. Of course all activities are carried out through obedient to health protocols.

After that, it was continued with an online routine training. Routine Trining is one of Unpad Choir’s routine activities, but with the COVID-19 pandemic which requires all activities to be carried out at home, this form of routine training has been adjusted accordingly.  Online Routine Training is a form of adjusting the routine singing activities of Unpad Choir to the COVID 19 pandemic situation which is carried out through an online video conference platform. This activity was attended by active students, especially the 2018 and 2019 generation, as singers and trained by the technical team, just like regular training in general. This activity also aims to treat the longing for singing at Unpad Choir after months of not singing activities. Routine training starts from August to December 2020.

One of the next big agendas is to implement the 2020 New Member Admissions Series (RPAB 2020) program to regenerate. This activity lasted for three months with various kinds of activities including Babad Padjadjaran (a series of Online Student Day for PRABU 2020), Ambitus Online, and Webinar Session.  Many adjustments have been made to the RPAB program this year so that it can still be carried out so that the regeneration process can continue even though it is full of limitations, besides that the aim is to prepare prospective new members to carry out activities at the Unpad Choir and become part of the Unpad Choir family.

In order to celebrate the 42nd Anniversary of Unpad Choir, a Familiarity Night was held on September 5, 2020 by presenting alumni of Unpad Choir and active members of Unpad Choir. Different from previous years, there are limitations to being able to meet each other during a pandemic like now, making this activity carried out online. Even though it is hampered by limitations, the essence of maintaining and strengthening the relationship between active members of the Unpad Choir and alumni can still be carried out well, even this year the pioneering batch of Unpad Choir can participate in this year’s Familiarity Night.

After that, it was continued with the Unpad Choir program, namely Vocal Recital with the theme “Alarsa” which was broadcast through the official Youtube channel of Unpad Choir.  This Vocal Recital Concert was held on October 17, 2020, which was an opportunity for singers of PSM Unpad to prove their technical skills in classical singing both solo and in an ensemble or chamber.

This was followed by the 15th Internal Concert entitled “Gala Kelana” which was held on December 6, 2020. The Intern Concert is a concert attended by the two youngest generations every year, where the youngest generation will learn to design a concert accompanied by one generation. The unique thing about the Unpad PSM Intern Concert is that there are four different sessions, namely the Classic Session, International Song Session, Indonesian Folksong Session, and the Pop Session. This year, the concert was not held live like in previous years, but was broadcast through the official Youtube channel of PSM Unpad. This year’s Intern Concert is the first virtual choir concert held by PSM Unpad.

The journey of the Unpad Choir in 2020 ended with a routine agenda, namely the Large Deliberations which was held online on 19 December 2020. This activity was attended by the SC (Steering Committee), all cabinet members, active members of the Unpad Choir of each generation, and alumni. The goal is to evaluate the activities and performance of the Unpad Choir in 2020 as well as to lower the 2020 Contributive Cabinet chaired by Raihan Tsany Kurnia (Tenor 1 2017) and raise the 2021 Sahitya Cabinet chaired by Muhammad Al Riyadh (Bass 2 2018).

With the implementation of this agenda, the journey of Unpad Choir in 2020 will be full of joy and sorrow. The stories and new experiences gained during carrying out various activities will certainly be valuable lessons and supplies. Thank you to all parties who have supported and encouraged Unpad Choir this year. Big hopes will always be maintained and fought for so that Unpad Choir can continue to develop and give our best in 2021.

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