Unpad PSM Wins Coveted Gold Medal and Special Award at Tokyo International Choir Competition 2023

psm unpad berprestasi di tokyo

[unpadchoir.com Tokyo, 30th July 2023] – Padjadjaran University Choir (Unpad Choir) has once again achieved a momentous triumph at the esteemed Tokyo International Choir Competition. This competition held on 30th July 2023 at the Daiichi Seimei Hall Tokyo, Japan.

Unpad Choir secured the top spot and received the coveted Gold Medal in the category of Contemporary Music. They also got prestigious Best Interpretation of Contemporary Music Piece award with an extraordinary performance. This resounding victory further solidifies their position as one of the leading choirs not just in Indonesia, but on the international stage.

From Indonesia to Tokyo: Unpad Choir’s Remarkable Journey


The Tokyo International Choir Competition provided a remarkable platform for the Unpad Choir to showcase their exceptional talent and dedication to the art of choral music. Embarking on a journey to enhance their presence and accomplishments, the PSM Unpad Competition Team departed from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on the 27th of July 2023, heading to Tokyo, Japan.

The competition program presented by Unpad Choir in the Contemporary Music category was a captivating blend of masterful pieces, including; “The Dreams of The Dreamer” by David Walters, “Sicut Cervus” by Lorenzo Donati, “Readymade Alice” by Perttu Haapanen, and “Kalejs Kala Debesis” by Selga Mence. In addition, the choir enthralled the audience with mesmerizing performances of “Gayatri” by Bagus S. Utomo and “Besame Mucho” by Mikhail Serkov during the Grand Prix round.

Prior to the competition, Unpad Choir embarked on a cultural mission, gracing the Cultural Friendship Concert (Satellite Concert) at Edozakura-dori Underground. The event was a testament to their commitment to cultural exchange and featured stunning performances of traditional and contemporary cultural concert songs, including; Sik Sik Sibatumanikam by Pontas Purba, Soleram by Josu Elberdin, Lisoi by Ruben Federizon, Yamko Rambe Yamko by Agustinus B. Jusana, and Natsu no Omoide by Nakata Yoshinao.

Throughout their journey, the Unpad Choir encountered various challenges; but their unwavering enthusiasm and dedication fostered a harmonious and supportive team spirit. Arvin Zeinullah, the esteemed main coach of Unpad Choir, expressed his pride in the team’s remarkable achievement in this prestigious competition.

Harmony Amidst Challenges: The Tokyo Experience

Ratu Zahranie, the president of Unpad Choir, shared her heartfelt impressions, saying; “This competition has been an unforgettable experience for many of our team. For them, it marked several significant ‘my first time.’ It provided us with invaluable learning opportunities in singing techniques, communication, and cultural observation. We are honored to have represented our alma mater and Indonesia on this international platform. Through the challenges and dynamics, we hope that everyone involved can learn from the rich culture of Japan.”

Arvin Zeinullah, the main coach of Unpad Choir, expressed his gratitude, saying; “We are immensely grateful for Unpad Choir’s continued success; culminating in our victory in the contemporary category and the special award this year. This achievement stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our friends at Unpad Choir; who have consistently strived to give their best despite limited resources and post-pandemic challenges. We hope this victory will inspire new student members and serve as a motivation for Padjadjaran University; to continue fostering the enthusiasm of Indonesian youths in their respective fields.”

Inspiring the Next Generation: Unpad Choir’s Impact on Indonesian Youths

Unpad Choir’s triumph at the 2023 Tokyo International Choir Competition showcases their unwavering dedication and exceptional talents. This remarkable achievement fills us with immense pride for Indonesia. Hopefully it will inspire the younger generation and pave the way, for further successes of Indonesian choirs on the global stage.


Writer: Nunik Alfiani

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