Vocal Recital Voce Dalla Terra: Sound From Earth

[unpadchoir.com 31/05/2022]

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Currently, the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic is starting to improve, the Padjadjaran University Student Choir is back holding a hybrid Vocal Recital performance. This Vocal Recital was held on Monday (16/05/2022) at 19.30 WIB, in the Multipurpose Room (RSG) Building 2, 4th Floor, Unpad Campus, Jalan Dipatiukur No.35 Bandung, and also a live stream via the Zoom Meeting platform. 

What makes it different from the previous Vocal Recitals is that the audience can watch live or offline on the Unpad Dipatiukur campus. The enthusiasm of the audience was very high, it was seen from the tickets for the offline audience which were sold out. “The Voce Dalla Terra Vocal Recital tickets were sold out of the offline audience quota of 35 spectators. RSG quota is 60 people. The remaining 25 people are for singers, organizers, vendors, and invited spectators.” Said Elfrida Virginia Trisha as Ticketing Voce Dalla Terra Vocal Recital. Online viewers are also very enthusiastic about giving appreciation in the comments column provided.

This time’s Vocal Recital takes the title “Voce Dalla Terra” which means voice from the earth in Italian. “Voce Dalla Terra” has a meaning that is in line with the purpose of holding this year’s Vocal Recital concert. Voce Dalla Terra means voice from the earth which means that the performance shown is the result of all the efforts and abilities of the singer so that they can perform their best on stage. It is hoped that with the name “Voce dalla terra”, the singer will be able to perform the best version of himself.” Said Ratu Zahranie as the chief executive of the Voce Dalla Terra Vocal Recital. 

The Queen also added, “Voce Dalla Terra has an Edelweiss flower icon which symbolizes the flower of immortality which is not easy to find and requires persistence and patience to see its beauty. This reflects that the advantages of each person are absolute, but it takes struggle and a process to get the results. Singers need the effort to practice with a long process so that they can produce the best work.”

The concert was divided into two sessions as Unpad PSM Vocal Recital concerts are usually held. The concert ended at 21.00 which was closed with the appearance of all singers who performed Roger Emerson’s song In Harmony. “There are 12 singers with 10 performances. Of the 10 appearances, 2 of them were duet performances. The encore song that was sung was Roger Emerson’s In Harmony with the original conductor, Kang Fernanda, tenor 2 2018, but in the end he joined in singing on the encore, so the conductor was changed to Christina soprano 2 2018,” said Ratu. 

The committee’s hard work has yielded good results. The audience was very entertained by the singer’s performance. Amanda Alya as an offline audience commented on this Vocal Recital “I am very happy because I can finally go back to watch the Unpad PSM Vocal Recital concert live, even though the audience is not as busy as usual, but it is enough to cure the feeling of homesickness to watch singers from Unpad PSM sing. live on stage.” Amanda also added, “The program was packaged well, the hybrid method chosen was right because it could return the concept of a vocal recital as usual (watched live by the audience who can be present at the venue and still adhere to health protocols), but also provides opportunities for viewers who are still unable to attend the venue in person (for example, those outside the city, or various other interests) by conducting a live stream via Zoom Meeting.”  

Zhahira Tsabita as an online audience also commented, “I really enjoyed watching it! For the visual appearance of this concert, I think it is very good and there is a development from the previous vocal recital. The performances of the singer’s friends were also channeled well, even with this online broadcast concept. It’s a shame I haven’t been able to watch his performance offline because it would have been so much cooler!” Bita also added her comment about the convenience of watching online, “In general, it is quite comfortable in terms of audio, visual, and technical. There’s nothing major that bothers me as an online viewer.”

In her interview, Ratu also added a message. “The previous year, the Vocal Recital one concert was conducted online and the second Vocal Recital concert was held in a hybrid manner. However, this year the ‘Voce Dalla Terra vocal recital concert’ was successfully carried out in a hybrid manner with the main concentration offline, it is hoped that the next recital concert can be carried out completely offline and can increase the number of singers and offline audiences present, so as to highlight the main essence of the vocal recital concert, namely singers can feel what it’s like to appear on stage and be witnessed by the audience.”


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