Welcoming new generations in the Welcome Party 2019

Welcoming Party provides a lot of experience, learning and bringing a lot of benefits for prospective new members of UNPAD Choir Force 2019. Garnis Pramesti, one of the participants admitted that he was excited to join the Welcoming Party activity. "Welcoming Party yesterday is super fun, in terms of crowded and interesting events, especially when the games continued to watch the Indonesian film Kirana, then when our Alumni Sharing segment made very happy, motivated, satisfied to UNPAD choir", he said.


There is also an appointment agenda of prospective new members UNPAD Choir conducted in the early morning, marked by the use of the Slayer Unpad Choir to the Friends of 2019. The embed is made more solemn by singing the song of gratitude while surrounding the prospective members of Unpad Choir 2019. "Amazingly proud of it. Now I have been an official member of UNPAD Choir so pleased, he was moved, "he added.

The Welcoming Party activities provide a variety of stories and stories on its way. Not only serves to appoint new members of UNPAD choir, but also a gathering place for senior Teteh-Alumni of UNPAD Choir. Garnis stated "Lots of things I can take from the welcoming party here. I learned the importance of cooperation, then how to sing in all circumstances optimistically, the key to believing in our own team. "


The performances of Soleram by Indonesian team Kirana and The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the committee closed The Welcoming Party event. Afterwards, the main trainer of UNPAD choir Kang Arvin Zeinullah did a Tumpeng cut and then ended by eating a tumpeng dish together all elements of the RPAB 2019, both LO, Force 2019, to the Committee lineup.